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Tips on ordering concreteWhether your concrete need is as small as needed for fixing cracks and holes in the wall, building a patio, paving, pathway, or as large as a construction of a high-storey commercial building, the first step to begin is by ordering the exact volume of concrete needed. It comes as the next point that how the ordered concrete should be delivered to your work site. While most projects are measured in square feet, when you place an order for concrete, it is done in cubic yards. Measure the dimensions of the site to determine the right volume of concrete needed.

First you need to multiply the length of the project by width, then multiply the resultant figure by depth (meaning thickness), and divide it by 27 to learn the amount of concrete needed in ‘cubic yards’ unit. Finding it difficult to calculate on own? There are many websites featuring online concrete calculator. Or you can always contact your local concrete supplier company so that a concrete specialist can visit the site in person and help you determine the right amount of concrete mix needed for your project; this approach will help you avoid under-ordering and over-ordering scenarios. Many concrete suppliers offer on-site assistance right from determining the needed volume, onsite concrete mixing and application to refurbishment of the concrete structures. Now when you know how much concrete you will need, the very next step is to decide how to get the job done. Concrete as we all know is a blend of Portland cement, sand, gravel and water. Other aggregates can be added by the supplier company depending on your project specifications.

Why Choose Ready Mix Concrete For All Your Construction Needs

Now, before sharing the 12 time-tested tips to succeed in your construction project, it is worth mentioning here that ordering ready mix concrete London is far better than mixing concrete onsite. Even if you pay a bit more ready mix which is also called ready to lay concrete, it’s pool of advantages such as no need of storage space, instant application, faster construction, reduced need of workforce, top-quality and sustainability make it a smarter alternative. Moreover, the concrete supplier companies are catering to any small and large size order of ready mix concrete. So, both DIY residents and contractors can leverage from its many benefits. Simply put, ready to use concrete reduces the work on site, improves the quality and finish of work, and fast-track the project accomplishing.

Top 8 Tips To Prevent Failure In Your Construction Project

  • Don’t order less than what you need
  • Cover concrete using plastic or damp fabric to avoid cracks
  • Add colour and additive straighten; or you can reduce curing period
  • Concrete mix may need reinforcement of steel bars, wire mesh, etc. to boost strength; consult a concrete specialist to learn more.
  • For DIY project, use safety wear to protect eyes, nose and skin from any harmful effects
  • Adding more amount of Portland cement can increase the strength of the concrete mix
  • If you will need concrete during Christmas or in holiday season, check if the supplier you choose are open during the festive season or not; if yes, it is recommended to schedule delivery in advance. Planning advance will avoid extra charges and all hassles.
  • If you will need concrete pumps to transport concrete mix on the site, plan ahead and hire concrete pumps while ordering the mix

Hope these tips will help you order concrete mix the right way!

The author enjoys DIY concrete building work and bricklaying. He also writes articles related to ready mix concrete to make people aware of the many benefits of this ready to lay concrete.

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8 thoughts on “Ordering concrete? Tips to do it right

  1. It’s good to know that ready-mix concrete is a more convenient use of concrete that can cut down work load on site. I think it’s wise to cut down the work load on site as it will give you time to focus on doing a quality job laying the concrete. It’s important that you are happy with the quality of the concrete since it won’t be going anywhere for a while.

  2. Thank you so much for talking about the importance of getting more concrete than what you actually need. It makes sense that doing this can help you make sure you don’t have any trouble when it comes to your project. I would want to make sure I take the time to consult with a professional and make sure you understand each other in order to get quality work done.

  3. I agree that you need to order the right amount of concrete. It would seem important to estimate accurately how much you will need or even order a little extra in order to avoid shortfalls. My husband and I want to pave our driveway, so we’ll have to find out exactly how much concrete we need for it first.

  4. My brother wants to install a new driveway at his home and has been wondering how much concrete he needs to mix for it. Multiplying the length and width of the project by the depth makes a lot of sense. I like that you mention how there are online calculators to help if you are struggling too. Thanks for the help!

  5. My husband is needing to get some concrete put in at his warehouse and I thought it would help if I found some tips on how to order it . You mentioned that it is important to order as much as you need since ordering less than what you need could slow down the process. That is a great point for me to talk to my husband about so we can find a supplier and someone to lay it down.

  6. I agree, ordering less concrete than you need wouldn’t be too smart. I think that ordering more than you need would be a safer bet for any project. I will make sure to ell my friend this when I see him tonight at the movies. He is going to be pouring a new patio for his home next week. Great info, thanks so much!

  7. Thanks for the tip to not order less than what you need when working on concrete. My home could use some new concrete on the land, and I want to make sure that the job is done right. Working with a professional concrete services company is what I think I’ll do to take care of the concrete on my land.

  8. My wife and I are wanting to expand our driveway, but we aren’t sure where to start when it comes to getting concrete mix. I like that you suggest using ready-to-use concrete mixes because they improve the quality and finish of the work. We’ll have to take some measurements and find out how much to order in this case. Thanks for sharing.

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