Great Mills Trading Post is dedicated to providing construction and equipment services throughout Southern Maryland and its surrounding areas. We ensure the highest quality every step of the process to help better our communities. We take pride in build-up Southern Maryland.


Runway 14-32 Phase 2&3

Demolition and replacement of existing asphalt, concrete, and lighting of Runway 14-32 on Patuxent River Naval Air Station.


Patuxent Park Phase 3

Demolition of 3,717 linear feet of roadway in Patuxent Homes. Installation of new storm drain utilities, curb & gutter, sidewalk, and asphalt pavement.


Water Quality and Nutrient Removal Lot 3

Retrofit of existing stormwater management facilities throughout St. Mary’s County, including all earthwork, access roads, structures, storm drainage, storm water management, erosion and sediment control, and landscaping.


Patuxent River Bld. 8008 and 8165

Building additions to existing features on PAX. Work including sediment control, stakeout, earthwork, storm drainage and additional parking lot paving.


St. Mary’s County Asphalt Overlay 2018

Overlay existing asphalt roadways throughout St. Mary’s County complete with line striping.


Nicolet Park Entrance

Construction of 140 linear feet of roadway from FDR Blvd to the Nicolet Park Access Loop including all earthwork, roadways, sidewalks, structures, curbing, utility adjustments, landscaping, pavement markings, and signs in Lexington Park, MD.